Looking back on 2021-2022

It has been so lovely to catch up with teachers and headteachers during this past year. I have been lucky enough to deliver some face to face training in schools as well as continuing to work on-line with schools across the country.

In the autumn term, Maths leads shared their priorities for the 2021-2022 – do they reflect your thoughts for the past academic year?

Ensuring that basic number facts have automaticity is high on school’s agendas to ensure that children are able to concentrate on mathematical concepts rather than being hindered by weak number facts.

OfSted has begun to loom again and coming together has allowed schools to share their experiences as well as reflecting where subject leads are (mathematically) and what they now need to work on. at our final network meeting in June, I offered maths lead the opportunity to complete their own end of year report card so that they could reflect on where they were across all phases.

I am continuing to offer a termly virtual network meeting during 2022-2023.

We will be considering the 2022 data for our first statutory assessments in two years along with implications for the coming year.

We are still awaiting the Mathematics subject report from Ofsted – watch this space.

Primary Mathematics Network Meeting

These meetings have taken place virtually again during the summer term. We discussed the Ofsted Subject review for mathematics, Early Years, subitising and rekenreks. However sad it is not to be face to face with teachers, I know many of you have found it convenient to attend the session without being stuck in traffic and I’ve been able to work with subject leads from across the country.

The next virtual network meeting is on 10 November 2021 1600-1745.

To book you place, please email me or book via Eventbrite.

Primary Headteacher’s Update

Nearly 50 HTs and Senior Leaders from across the country joined us at last month’s HT update. As one HT said:

The briefing is so very useful as you get succinct messages which you can start working on directly. 

HT – Bradford

We feel that we represent great value for money as participants leave with key questions to discuss with their subject leads for English, Mathematics, Science and PE as well as useful reminders about statutory assessment. It’s always great to work with this fabulous and talented group of tutors as well.

Our next virtual meeting is on 1 December 2021 and you are most welcome to join us without the need to get in your car and navigate your way to an unfamiliar venue. To book your place, email: carolinewinter@msn.com mobile: 07715 884188

Primary Mathematics Network Meeting

Sadly these network meetings have had to take place virtually this term. It has been great though to catch up with so many of you in these challenging circumstances. During the Spring term meeting, we have discussed the NCETM prioritisation materials, Census 2021, possible Y6 provision for summer term and reading books to promote mathematics.

I do feel that it is so important to network and share practice, in what can be a very lonely role at times. I would always recommend that you attend a network meeting (somewhere).

However, if you’d like to join my network meeting, please email me to book your place – you would be made very welcome.

Primary Mathematics Network Meetings

Primary Network Meetings will be taking place this term via Zoom. In the autumn term, we discussed the recent DfE non-statutory guidance (or ready to progress criteria) as well as numberless word problems. We will be continuing with the theme of problem solving this spring term as well as discussing materials for Census 2021.

You can either book your place on Eventbrite or contact me directly for an invoiced booking.