Summer Primary Network Meetings

It was great to catch up with mathematics subject leaders during the summer term. For me, it is great that we are really focusing on mathematical pedagogy and leaders were able to celebrate their achievements and acknowledge their next steps. We discussed the 2019 key stage 1 and 2 SAT questions that caused confusion, disbelief and a range of other emotions. the early algebra of this key stage 1 questions intrigued me. Many schools who have used Solve Emoji said there children were not phased by this.

Of course, I had to pick Adam and his rectangle as this caused a huge furore on Twitter. This question split the room; love it or hate it. A great question to use in the classroom to discuss strategies and explore other rectangles.

We discussed children’s and teacher’s responses to the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC). Many teachers feel that Times Tables Rockstars (TTR) is making a real difference to children’s recall of times tables facts and was the most popular initiative that leaders celebrated.

As usual we have explored what’s happening in White Rose Land and no subject leader meeting would miss the opportunity to discuss all things Numberblocks. As one Cannock subject leader said to me “all you seem to do is watch Numberblocks and play with Playdoh!”

Such is the life of a maths consultant. 🙂

Dates for the autumn term are being finalised and meetings will be ready to book in September. Have a great summer holiday and don’t forget to look for something mathematical and take a picture of it,

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