Looking back on Spring 2023

During the spring term 2023, I delivered a number of face to face as well as on-line sessions for maths subject leads. It’s always so lovely to meet up with subject leads and guide them through what’s been happening in the world of primary maths.

We discussed preparations for MTC and KS2 SATs 2023 and I suggested these great websites to support Y6 teachers: Andrew Jeffrey’s new resource Papers – KS2 MATHS PRACTICE SATS (ks2sats.co.uk) and the always brilliant Primary Resources – MathsBot.com. Check these out and share with appropriate staff.

These questions from NCETM caused much discussion about different approaches and what is really means to be mathematically fluent (Q3 is outside of the KS2 curriculum but still an interesting one to discuss).

How do you ensure pupils are developing their mental methods alongside their written methods?

How are all KS2 teachers developing flexibility as well as accuracy?

The MTC looms large with the guidance document for 2023 now available. This timetable below might support your thinking and planning for the coming term.

Key Questions posed were:

  • How are Y4 progressing?
    How do you know?
  • Who will not be completing the MTC?
  • When will you use the try it out?
  • Which access arrangements might be needed?

Our next on-line meeting is in June. Do email me if you’d like to join us; the sessions are recorded so can be watched at a time and place to suit you.

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