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Inspiring Maths is Vanessa Brown…

I have been a part of mathematics education for over 30 years as a teacher, mathematics subject leader and Local Authority consultant. My most recent role was that of line manager for the mathematics curriculum team at Entrust,  supporting the role of the Local Authority.


As Inspiring Maths Education, I’m continuing my extensive 20-year track record supporting primary and secondary schools to improve and develop the quality of teaching and learning with a specific focus on mathematics. This includes providing high quality, bespoke subject specific training, support, advice, consultancy and professional development across the country and internationally.


As an independent consultant, I wear a number of hats working for a variety of organisations.

  • I am an accredited professional lead for the National Centre for the Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM).
  • I am a work group lead for NCETM Maths Hubs across the Midlands: North Midlands (NM), Shropshire, Herefordshire and Wolverhampton (SHaW), East Midlands West (EMW) and Central Maths Hubs. These look at mastery readiness in the primary phase, ECTs in the primary phase and Y7-11 coherence in the secondary phase.
  • As an associate lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, I work with student teachers at the very start of their careers in teaching as both an academic mentor and lecturer.
  • I am a School Development Lead for ARK Curriculum Mathematics Mastery programme visiting schools to support them in their mastery journey.
  • I deliver mathematics training for Teachers’ Courses and Resources (TCR) in Staffordshire, offering a range of CPD opportunities both face to face and remotely which allows me to work with teachers both in this country and beyond.

I have a real passion for the teaching and learning of mathematics and have had a considerable involvement in teaching mathematics both as a teacher, subject leader and adviser over a long career. My enthusiasm for mathematics is infectious and I have vast experience of working with a variety of stakeholders in schools to guide and inspire the next generation of mathematicians.

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