Consultancy & CPD

No work day is ever the same and this is reflected in the events below. I work in a many different ways with various groups, schools and settings. This page gives a snapshot of what I can offer.

Primary Network Meetings

Inspiring Maths works in conjunction with Claire Hubbard, Karen Lawley and Wendy Precious to deliver termly network meetings both f2f and via Zoom to develop and inform subject leadership in English, maths and science.

I also work with a number of Multi Academy Trusts and school clusters to ensure that all schools at either first, junior, primary or middle can discuss the same agenda and therefore have common, informed conversations.

These affordable and valuable meetings will inform subject leaders about the latest national and local developments and give a real opportunity to network and share practice at a cost of £60 per person.  Contact me for more details. 

Wednesday 29 November 2023 4pm – 5:45pm. Please contact me or Caroline Winter to book your place.

Primary Headteachers’ Network Meetings

We offer a one stop shop for primary headteachers to find out the latest developments in English, Mathematics, Science, Assessment and PE all in the space of a morning, all from a subject specialist. As a HT or senior leader, you will take away key questions, ideas and funding opportunities to discuss with your subject leads.

These meetings take place remotely via Zoom and are also recorded. This means that if you are called away, you are still able to catch up at your convenience at a later date.

Click on the link for dates, timings and agenda for HT update Autumn Term

Primary Y2 & Y6 Assessment

These meetings take place in Spring term each academic year and aim to support Y2 and Y6 teachers to understand the
requirements for end of key stage assessment in English, mathematics and science.

During each day, teachers will have the opportunity to review statutory guidance – including any changes for the current academic year assessment cycle. We will of course reflect the changes to the 2023-2024 assessment arrangements.

  • Understand the requirements of the national standards in Mathematics, English and Science and how best to help their pupils achieve these
  • Administer statutory tests confidently
  • Explore practical ideas and strategies that will help teachers make secure, evidence-based assessments

These meetings are delivered in conjunction with Clare Hubbard and Wendy Precious .

Mathematics Worksops

You might want to contact me to deliver CPD to address priorities for your school. I can work with your school either as part of an INSET day or as twilights with sessions lasting from an hour to a whole day. I offer a variety of areas of mathematics. I can either visit your school in person or be there virtually via Zoom.

Other CPD

I also deliver a full programme of CPD on behalf of Teachers’ Courses and Resources (TCR). These events take place via Zoom which means you can work with me at my home from your home or school – no need to struggle with traffic to get to a venue. You might want to look at the programme for the autumn term 2023 and beyond.


Moderation can support teachers in increasing the dependability of the assessment information they gather. This in turn can improve the decisions they make about children’s learning resulting in more reliable, valid, evidence-based decisions.

What are the benefits of moderation?

  • Brings together a collective wisdom, resulting in greater consistency of judgements and increasingly focused teaching;
  • Provides greater confidence in teacher judgements and assurance that judgements are consistent with those of other professionals;
  • Leads to shared expectations of learning, and understanding of standards and progression of learning;
  • Develops deeper understanding about content and progression in learning;
  • Improves quality of assessment;
  • Aligns expectations and judgements with standards or progression, and hence improves teaching and learning.

These sessions for English and Mathematics are purposeful with dedicated time given to scrutinise judgements, identify next steps for learners and reflect on implications for phases or schools. These sessions are led in conjunction with Clare Hubbard. We will use our considerable experience to enable teachers to challenge themselves and each other to make confident, evidence-based judgements.
We can support either a single year group or paired year groups e.g. Y1 & 2, Y3 & 4 or Y5 & 6 during a half-day session so that all teachers have the opportunity to consider assessment in both English and Mathematics.

These have worked particularly well when schools come together as part of a cluster.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further details about any of the activities above.


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