Looking back on Spring 2023

During the spring term 2023, I delivered a number of face to face as well as on-line sessions for maths subject leads. It’s always so lovely to meet up with subject leads and guide them through what’s been happening in the world of primary maths.

We discussed preparations for MTC and KS2 SATs 2023 and I suggested these great websites to support Y6 teachers: Andrew Jeffrey’s new resource Papers – KS2 MATHS PRACTICE SATS (ks2sats.co.uk) and the always brilliant Primary Resources – MathsBot.com. Check these out and share with appropriate staff.

These questions from NCETM caused much discussion about different approaches and what is really means to be mathematically fluent (Q3 is outside of the KS2 curriculum but still an interesting one to discuss).

How do you ensure pupils are developing their mental methods alongside their written methods?

How are all KS2 teachers developing flexibility as well as accuracy?

The MTC looms large with the guidance document for 2023 now available. This timetable below might support your thinking and planning for the coming term.

Key Questions posed were:

  • How are Y4 progressing?
    How do you know?
  • Who will not be completing the MTC?
  • When will you use the try it out?
  • Which access arrangements might be needed?

Our next on-line meeting is in June. Do email me if you’d like to join us; the sessions are recorded so can be watched at a time and place to suit you.

Y2 and Y6 Assessment 2023

These meetings take place in January each academic year and aim to support Y2 and Y6 teachers to understand the
requirements for end of key stage assessment in English, mathematics and science.

During each day, teachers will have the opportunity to review statutory guidance – including any changes for the current academic year assessment cycle. We will of course reflect the changes to the 2022-2023 assessment arrangements.

These meetings are delivered in conjunction with Clare Hubbard and Wendy Precious.

  • The cost per delegate is £120.
  • This event will take place either face to face (F2F) or via Zoom.
  • The F2F event will take place at Ridgeway Primary School, Grange Road, Burntwood, Staffordshire, WS7 4TU and includes a light lunch.
  • To book your place, please email carolinewinter@msn.com or call 07715 884188

Primary Mathematics Network Meeting

These meetings have taken place virtually again during the summer term. We discussed the Ofsted Subject review for mathematics, Early Years, subitising and rekenreks. However sad it is not to be face to face with teachers, I know many of you have found it convenient to attend the session without being stuck in traffic and I’ve been able to work with subject leads from across the country.

The next virtual network meeting is on 10 November 2021 1600-1745.

To book you place, please email me or book via Eventbrite.

Primary Mathematics Network Meeting

Sadly these network meetings have had to take place virtually this term. It has been great though to catch up with so many of you in these challenging circumstances. During the Spring term meeting, we have discussed the NCETM prioritisation materials, Census 2021, possible Y6 provision for summer term and reading books to promote mathematics.

I do feel that it is so important to network and share practice, in what can be a very lonely role at times. I would always recommend that you attend a network meeting (somewhere).

However, if you’d like to join my network meeting, please email me to book your place – you would be made very welcome.

Primary Mathematics Network Meetings

Primary Network Meetings will be taking place this term via Zoom. In the autumn term, we discussed the recent DfE non-statutory guidance (or ready to progress criteria) as well as numberless word problems. We will be continuing with the theme of problem solving this spring term as well as discussing materials for Census 2021.

You can either book your place on Eventbrite or contact me directly for an invoiced booking.

Primary Headteachers’ Update – Spring 2021

Our Primary Headteachers’ Update take place every term. In the current circumstances, these are taking place on Zoom which does allow HTs from all over the country to come together for a one stop shop update in assessment, english, maths, science and PE. We record the sessions so that if you are not able to stay for the whole morning, you can catch up on the parts you missed, making this a very flexible way to attend.

At these meeting we share ideas, resources, opportunities and share key messages for HTs to discuss with their subject leads.

A great value event.

Contact Caroline Winter to book your place. carolinewinter@msn.com
Mobile: 07715 884188

Y2 and 6 assessment

Get ready for assessment 2021

Our annual Y2 and Y6 assessment sessions will take place via Zoom this year. We will still offer these as a full day programme with regular breaks to reflect or complete tasks. We will of course reflect the changes in the Y2 assessment procedures for 2020-2021 and therefore our Y2 sessions will focus on evidence gathering.

Y2 Programme:

0930 – 1015 Statutory Requirements for Assessment

1030 – 1200 Reading & Writing

1245 – 1345 Mathematics

1400 – 1500 Science

1500 – 1505 Questions

Y6 Programme:

0930 – 1015 Statutory Requirements for Assessment

1030 – 1200 Reading & Writing

1245 – 1345 Science

1400 – 1500 Mathematics

1500 – 1505 Questions

To book your place contact: carolinewinter@msn.com

Autumn term 2020 on-line CPD programme

It is going to be a very strange autumn term where it is unlikely that I will be able to be in school delivering CPD face to face (at least in the first half term).

However technology has shown us that we don’t always have to be in the same room to come together. I am offering on-line sessions every Tuesday during September and October 2020 after school using the Zoom platform at a great price of £20 – from my home to wherever you are.

See the shop for further details.

Click here for a downloadable copy of the programme.

CPD for you at home

I have a number of on-line CPD sessions available for purchase. These can be downloaded and then enjoyed at your convenience for the bargain price of £20 per title (until mid Sept). It’s been a strange experience recording them at my home but all are hands on learning and I hope give pause for thought, ideas and practical ideas to use in the classroom or develop within your own school. These might form part of your maths CPD for the year as we work in very different circumstances. Visit Teachers Courses and Resources to purchase.

There are 10 titles in total spanning KS1 and 2. At the moment, it seems unlikely I can be with you in school during Autumn 1 but I can be with you virtually. You may prefer (or not!) to interact with me (in a live sense) so all of these sessions can be delivered from my house to your socially distanced space – contact me for details.

developing number bonds to 20 in KS1establishing the foundations of place value
getting to grips with year 2progression in fractions
exploring key ideas in years 3 and 4progression in multiplication
exploring key ideas in years 5 and 6developing a love for algebra
an introduction to bar modellinggetting KS2 arithmetic to stick

Primary Network Meetings: Spring 2020

I almost made it to the end of the spring term mathematics network meetings. Unfortunately due to the current situation, I was unable to deliver at the meeting for Uttoxeter schools. As always, we discussed a whole range of issue both at a national level and more local one. Ofsted deep dives, EEF report Improving Mathematics in EYs/KS1 and the MTC were key topics of discussion.

We discussed resources that we finding useful and I shared the Swimming in Maths website. We discussed the maths in this picture and then went onto explore the links between square and triangular numbers.

In addition, we explored the NCETM Primary Mastery PD materials, in particular unit 2.6 quotitive and partitive division. Lots of discussion about the language of multiplication and division – when do you introduce the language of dividend, divisor and quotient?

Hopefully, we can resume network meetings in June. I have time to look into alternative methods of delivery.

Keep safe and healthy.