CPD for you at home

I have a number of on-line CPD sessions available for purchase. These can be downloaded and then enjoyed at your convenience for the bargain price of £20 per title (until mid Sept). It’s been a strange experience recording them at my home but all are hands on learning and I hope give pause for thought, ideas and practical ideas to use in the classroom or develop within your own school. These might form part of your maths CPD for the year as we work in very different circumstances. Visit Teachers Courses and Resources to purchase.

There are 10 titles in total spanning KS1 and 2. At the moment, it seems unlikely I can be with you in school during Autumn 1 but I can be with you virtually. You may prefer (or not!) to interact with me (in a live sense) so all of these sessions can be delivered from my house to your socially distanced space – contact me for details.

developing number bonds to 20 in KS1establishing the foundations of place value
getting to grips with year 2progression in fractions
exploring key ideas in years 3 and 4progression in multiplication
exploring key ideas in years 5 and 6developing a love for algebra
an introduction to bar modellinggetting KS2 arithmetic to stick

10 things to do with …..

My latest resources are the first in a series of activity booklets: ’10 things to do with Numicon’ and ’10 things to do with Times Tables’.

10 things to do with Numicon – Based on a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, Numicon encourages children to explore mathematics using structured imagery and apparatus in order to understand and explain mathematical concepts. Numicon is a flexible tool which can be used in different ways as you progress from year 1 to year 6. In KS1 it is often used as a calculating tool but can be used to develop problem solving as you progress into KS2. These 10 Numicon activities can be used with children in KS1 and 2. Many of activities for two or more children and encourage children to problem solve and generalise.

10 things to do with Times Tables – Times tables recall is a real focus in primary schools with the introduction of the Multiplication Times Tables Check (MTC). Recall is important but the teaching of times tables is also important. These 10 activities give opportunities for children to develop their recall as well as exploring links between representations and looking for patterns in the tables. Although resources such as playing cards are suggested, alternatives have also been given as well as extensions. These activities are aimed at KS2 children.

To download either resource, just visit www.teachcr.com/shop and add to your cart. Each resource can be downloaded for a cost of £3.00 each title.

Coming soon: 10 things to do with Dominoes ………

New resources for Autumn

Over the summer holidays, I have been working on putting resource packs together to aid planning. My first pack is now available: 10 Fun Maths Games to Use in the Classroom.

sample game

Learning to play a game is an important social skill for children to gain. It can also give a good opportunity to develop fluency in their mathematics. These games will practise bonds to 5, 10 and 20 as well as giving the opportunity to rehearse subtraction, multiplication and division skills.

Each game could be enlarged onto an A3 paper and laminated to give a longer shelf life. Additional equipment may be needed such as dice, counters and whiteboard pens. For some children you may want to provide additional manipulatives such as dienes or Numicon.

The games are aimed at children in years 1 – 4 and to sharpen skills in Upper Key Stage 2. They are suitable for pairs or small groups under the guidance of an additional adult. They can also be used at home with parents and carers to develop family numeracy.

To download this pack, just visit www.teachcr.com/shop and add it to your cart.